Your Survival Matters

Mine Survival, Inc.

MSI is the premiere manufacturer of the world's most advanced breathing simulator and cutting edge surface and underground rebreather systems for self escape, high rise breathing, or rescue missions.

Our rebreathers are built with one purpose - to get you home. They are the longest lasting SCSR and the only one that allows for Voice Communications without exposing the user to a hazardous environment. Our rebreathers are used as self escape respirators, and high rise escape breathing devices. We have also developed the world's most advanced breathing simulator.

Since 1882, US Navy Divers have been surviving in one of the harshest environments on the planet and we have been at the forefront of all major advances in rebreather technology.  From salvage operations to experimental saturation protocols, we have established the standards that bring people home safely from the depths of the world's oceans. We are bringing those lessons to you.

Breathe. Rebreathe. Survive
Breathe. Rebreathe. Survive.
We've taken a very complex device, simplified it, made it lighter and easier to breathe.
- David E. Cowgill, Inventor Survivor Vest Rebreather