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Breathing Machine

Breathing Simulator built to your needs!

Our Breathing Machine was designed and engineered by two world renowned Breathing Technologists.

Designed from the ground up. All of our components have been engineered to work seamlessly together. 

From Sinusoidal Wave forms to imitating an infants breath, our Breathing Simulator can do it all.

ABMS Testing Capability:

  • Work of Breathing – Pressure Volume Evaluation
    • Selection of stroke volume & breathing frequency
      • IAW ISO,  NIOSH & AUS Standards 10 – 135 RMV
    • Selectable units for data comparison to ISO, NIOSH, CE and AUS Standards.
    • Respiratory volumes from 1 Liters to 5.0 Liters (ref. ATPS, BTPS or STP)
    • Breathing frequency selectable from 5 – 50 BPM
      • Respiratory volume-frequency combinations greater than 150 RMV are restricted to protect the equipment and user
      • System Safety monitored for over/under pressure. Automatically stops operation if required
    • Verification hardware and software included for breathing system verification and leak check
    • Work Of Breathing & Pressure analysis data on demand
      • Single loop capture, analysis and presentation
        • Storage in tab delimited format (Excel compatible)
    • Real time display of Pressure vs. Volume loops
      • Direct component comparisons using Sample and hold feature
  • Carbon Dioxide Scrubber Duration (Closed circuit and chemical regeneration equipment evaluation)
    • Carbon dioxide sensor and calibration hardware
    • Automated mass flow control of CO2 injection and associated Respiratory Minute Volume (RMV)
    • Sequential execution of cyclic multilevel Performance Testing
    • Data presented vs time on screen, available to print
    • Excel compatible file created for recall
  • Temperature Profile – wet and dry bulb at mouth interface
    • Select from multiple probes to display, record and print profile vs time
  • Monitor metabolic test system and Laboratory Environmental Temperatures and Barometric Pressure
  • Mass flow controlled extraction and injection of gas
    • Provides gas stream analysis of CO2 and O2
    • Simulates consumption of oxygen
  • Temperature measurement options for 8 additional channels (T and/or K type thermocouple)
  • 500 Hz High Speed Data on 4 channels (Mouth kPa, Liter Volume, Carbon Dioxide, and Oxygen Percentage). Log rates available: 100, 125, 166, 250, and/or 500 Hz.
  • Trending Data up to 4Hz.
  • Automated Vacuum Leak Test of the system, and, the system with the test article attached.

System based on National Instrument Equipment and Software using cRIO Data Acquisition Hardware.


  • Large Capacity Range: 0.5 to 5.0 Liters
  • Heated and Humidified Breathing Loop Replicates Human Respiration
  • Frequency adjustable from 0.1 to 50 Breaths per Minute
  • Primary Sinusoidal pattern
  • Analysis Includes:
    • Work of Breathing
    • Breathing Resistance
    • Volume Average Pressure
  • Automated Spreadsheet Creation for Data Collection and Comparisons
    • Comparisons Include:
      • U.S. Naval Experimental Diving Unit Standards
      • European Union
      • International Standards Laboratory
      • National Personal Protective Technical Laboratory
  • Carbon Dioxide Scrubber Duration Analysis
    • The System is integrated with Automatic Real-Time Control and Monitoring Software
    • Mass Flow Injection and Gas Analysis Instrumentation Record Results
  • On-the-Fly Adjustment of Breathing Rates and CO2 Injection Rates.
  • Oxygen Consumption Analysis for 100% Oxygen Apparatus
  • Capability to Mimic any Breathing Simulator