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Mine Survivor

CAP 3 Closed Circuit Mine Escape Rebreather

The MSI MINE SURVIVOR is the longest lasting closed circuit, self-contained, self-rescue device on the market.

The MINE SURVIVOR supplies the wearer with up to 150 minutes of oxygen during a typical mine escape - up to 7 1/2 hours at rest - a performance that exceeds all global mining standards.

Communication is one of the most important elements of any hazard response plan. The MINE SURVIVOR allows for communication without exposure to the hazardous atmosphere that you are trying to avoid.

The MSI MINE SURVIVOR is a long duration closed circuit, self-contained, self-rescue device.

The MINE SURVIVOR has been designed to provide respiratory protection during escape from oxygen deficient or hazardous atmospheres. This device enables the user to breathe independently of the ambient atmosphere for up to 150 minutes while escaping and up to 7.5 hours when at rest.

The MSI MINE SURVIVOR system consists of two simple sub-systems:

1) The compressed oxygen supply circuit, and

2) The closed breathing circuit.

Compressed Oxygen Supply Circuit

Medical grade oxygen is stored in a DOT approved refillable oxygen bottle that has been pressurized between 2700 to 3000 psi and holds 160 liters of oxygen. The oxygen flow is controlled through a series of valves and is activated by turning the Bottle valve counterclockwise. A pressure gauge that is visible at all times and is accurate to ±5% F.S. will read between 2700 and 3000 psi when charged for service. The oxygen moves through the Bottle Valve into a pressure reducing regulator that reduces the oxygen pressure to 40 +/- 5 psi. The oxygen then passes from the pressure reducing regulator through a hose and into the demand regulator. The demand regulator provides a minimum of 30 liters per minute of oxygen upon demand. The oxygen then moves through the breathing bag and into your lungs.

Closed Breathing Circuit

The breathing bag is the reservoir of breathable gas and is constructed of durable urethane coated nylon. Oxygen is inhaled from the breathing bag through an inhalation tube and mouthpiece. The expired breath moves through the mouthpiece and to the CO2 scrubber through an exhalation tube.

The CO2 scrubber is designed to remove CO2 from the expired breath. The scrubbed breath then continues around the breathing bag and is mixed with fresh oxygen.

Meets NIOSH standard 42 CFR Subpart O.

Minimal Breathing Resistance.

Lowest Recorded Inhalation Temperatures

Operational Duration2.5 Hours
At Rest Duration7.5 Hours
Nominal Cylinder Pressure2,700-3,000 PSIG
Time to operateless than 30 seconds
Storage Temperature10 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit
Liters of Oxygen Available170 Liters
NIOSH Service Life10 Years Storage
Oxygen DeliveryCompressed Oxygen, Demand Regulator
Inspection MethodVisual